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Teaching Channel, a leading provider of online professional learning for educators, has launched the new Teaching Channel Platform, a single resource for the professional development needs of K-12 teachers and higher education instructors.

The new platform offers Teaching Channel’s renowned video library plus an array of tools to enable video-based self-reflection and peer feedback via professional learning communities (PLCs) and teacher cohorts. It provides informal and formal instructional and coaching support and workflows, offering access to professional development resources and more than 1,600 exemplar videos filmed in classrooms across the country.

In addition to the Teaching Channel Library of exemplar videos, the new platform’s Resource Center offers supporting materials to help educators observe and learn teaching strategies, as well as instructional coaching techniques and leadership lessons. Educators can create playlists, identify favorite videos, or access playlists curated by the Teaching Channel team. An institution can also build its own customized Account Library by collecting and uploading exemplar videos, links, lesson plans, and other resources. 

The Teaching Channel Platform’s Activity Center is one central location where educators: 

  • Create and organize all their coaching activities; 
  • Upload videos for reflection, peer feedback, use in PLCs, and coaching; and 
  • Reflect on and share videos from the Teaching Channel Library or their institution’s Account Library with peers, observers, and school leaders for rich discussion.

The platform’s extensive array of tools also empowers educators to:

  • Create and meet with PLCs; 
  • Conduct in-person observations; 
  • Calibrate for observation through personalized video-based training and assessment experiences;
  • Embed notes or questions for future reference or to provide context for observers; 
  • Add documents for future reference; and 
  • Identify areas of focus so they can take charge of their professional development.

The Resource and Activity Centers are designed to work together to support a wide range of stakeholders. Recording and sharing PLC meetings allows district-level personnel to improve district alignment to ensure efficacy and alignment with goals. The Teaching Channel Platform also helps coaches and administrators develop their own capacity and leadership skills, and supports administrators in performing formal or informal observations by reviewing videos teachers have created and uploaded to the platform. Lead teachers are able to create sample video lessons for distribution through the Resource Center to inform the lessons other teachers will share through platform workflows. 

A dashboard allows all of these users to easily see recent statistics, access updates and to-dos, view updates to the Teaching Channel Library, and receive notifications. Reports for both administrators and individual educators provide rich data on general usage, videos watched, observer calibration, and educator growth over time.

“Our district has seen clear and measurable benefits from the use of video coaching and exemplar videos,” says Dr. Errick L. Greene, the superintendent of Jackson (Mississippi) Public Schools, under whose leadership the district has improved two letter grades on the state’s accountability system. “It’s helping our teachers and instructional leaders to improve their practice, which is leading to improved student outcomes. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Teaching Channel.”

Additional features will be released throughout the 2023-2024 school year. Learn more.


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