Rask AI

Here’s a pretty cool tool at the intersection of education and technology that should be on your radar.

Rask AI is mainly focused on bridging the language gap in education. For example, Rask AI developers found that in a world with over 7100 languages, online education platforms only use about 9 languages on average. 

According to Rask AI: “The biggest problem here is that online education companies say their goal is ‘equal access to education’. However, there’s a hiccup when it comes to the variety of languages offered by edtech platforms. In fact, English, Portuguese, Hindi and Mandarin are the main languages used in online education. So if you only speak Bahasa, you’re probably out of luck. In fact, over 200 million people in Indonesia speak their national language.”

You can find the full version of their Global EdTech Language Diversity Rankings here. 

A few highlights from the research: 

• There are over 7100 languages according to UNESCO, but online education mainly uses just nine.

• TED is a leader in language diversity, offering content in 115 languages, which is pretty unique and praiseworthy.

• Big players in online education are mainly from the US, India, China, and Brazil, with hardly any from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

• English, Portuguese, Hindi, and Chinese are the main languages used in online education.

• Most platforms use subtitles, but research shows that dubbing is a better option for students.


And more about Rask AI: They’re a Round A startup founded by Ukrainian-born Maria Chmir and launched in April 2023 with 750K users already. They are on a mission to bridge the global digital language divide with such hot features as audio and video translation into 100+ languages and dubbing, voice cloning, lip syncing, and more. The company captures the energy of an emerging new, AI-fueled generation of products and services and echoes the Arthur C. Clarke quote about “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” concept, just have a look for yourself, when you click onto their home page be sure to watch the video there: Learn more.


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