Reimagine Work: Trends and Innovations Shaping the Future of Work

If you missed it, this is a really eye-opening report, some jaw-dropping slides in the deck from Reach Capital team; they’ve been creating decks on shifts and trends in education for 10+ years—ever since they got started — and this deck will really help give you a sense of the future. Inspired by the perennially popular Mary Meeker Internet Trends deck, the people at Reach wanted to create one for edtech (find previous reports at While previous reports focus on K-12 and higher education, this current one focuses on Future of Work. 

“Education and Work are symbiotic in many ways — and both are undergoing significant change,” shares Jennifer Carolan, Co-Founder and Partner at Reach Capital. “It’s clear that both are trending toward a more skill-based approach, more flexibility, greater personalization, and more student and worker-centric.”

Carolan acknowledges a set of Learning and Development experts informing Reach work: Dermot O’Brien, Annette ReavisMaisha Gray-Diggs (MGD), Guillermo Miranda, David Landman, Ph.D., Eduardo de la Garza, Kimberly Bertz, Wanda Cole-Frieman, Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano.  

Among those working on the Reach report: Shauntel Garvey (Co-Founder, Partner), Jomayra Herrera (Partner), Tony Wan (Head of Platform)

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