Report: AI Will Play Central Role in Education, Say 1 in 4 Educators

Over 1 in 4 educators believe AI will play a central role in education over the next decade, according to Forbes Advisor’s latest report: Artificial Intelligence In Education. With the widespread integration of artificial intelligence in classrooms, the Forbes Advisor team conducted a data analysis to explore AI adoption rates, the variety of AI tools in use, and educators’ perspectives on the impact of technology in education. Their report found that 60% of educators have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into their classrooms to improve and streamline daily teaching responsibilities. 

Top highlights from their report: 

  • Over half of educators report that AI has improved educational outcomes in the teaching and learning process
  • AI-powered educational games are the most common AI-based tool in education, following adaptive learning platforms, automated grading and feedback systems, and chatbots
  • Nearly all educators, a staggering 98%, expressed the need for some level of education on the ethical usage of AI
  • 65% of educators believe plagiarism in essays and work is the most common concern about AI in education 
  • The majority of reported AI-related cheating in educational institutions involves the use of AI-powered essay generators, accounting for 64% of reported instances

See the full report, including the methodology and infographics. Learn more.  


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