Lost Recipes from Schell Games


In Lost Recipes, players cook for ghosts from ancient Greek, Chinese, and Maya civilizations who long to pass on the traditional recipes of their favorite dishes. Players must recreate tasty dishes in historically-accurate kitchens, using authentic ingredients, utensils, and techniques.

Ancient Greece (400-500 BCE): Step back in time to a kitchen in the heart of the city of Athens. Cook up pita bread, mulled wine, Souvlaki, and more.

Song Dynasty, China (960-1279 CE): The arrival of spring festival means completing dishes for the new year celebration. Brew oolong tea, learn how to steam fish, and make a sweet fruit treat.

Yucatan Peninsula (1500-1600 CE): Prepare traditional dishes for Hanal Pixán, a holiday similar to Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Spice up the kitchen while making Xec and wrap up Mukbil Pollo (buried chicken).

As players travel through time, the ghosts they encounter share relevant cultural facts, such as why a specific ingredient is used or if the dish celebrates a certain holiday. The developers from Schell Games made it a point to find native speakers from each location “to give our ancient ghosts voices that felt real and aligned with the historical facts that guide players through the kitchens. As such, players can also grow their understanding of how geography and history impacted the culinary tastes of past civilizations.” The Lost Recipes website features a downloadable pdf featuring all the recipes experienced within the game, so home chefs can try their hand in real life at serving traditional dishes.

For these reasons and more, Lost Recipes from Schell Games earned a Cool Tool Award for “Best Games for Learning / Simulation Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest.  

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