Bluum Esports Solutions and Advisory Services 

Bluum’s new Esports Solutions help schools tap into the growing interest in competitive gaming to enhance student engagement and build a sense of community. This strategy boosts enrollment and fosters a dynamic, fun, learning environment. Once considered a hobby, esports has become a valuable educational tool as educators realize how esports captivates students, motivates them to succeed academically, and may even provide a fulfilling career pathway.

To support its customizable Esports Solutions, Bluum offers a myriad of targeted advisory services that provide their district partners with an experienced esports provider to design a program to solve some of their most pressing challenges: enrollment, engagement, and creating community within schools. 

Educators unfamiliar with the esports world may be overwhelmed by the equipment, furniture, and network needed. While gaming does require a certain amount of infrastructure, it can be as simple as a PC and a gaming headset. Depending on the level and focus of your esports program, you can add from there, with monitors and keyboards optimized for gaming and ergonomic chairs for players sitting for extended periods.

From consultation to design to integration, Bluum offers support every step of the way. First, the Bluum advisory team determines a school or district’s vision for esports—how does it fit into a district’s strategic plan for excellence?  Then, Bluum conducts a personalized survey of the site, collecting data about light levels, ambient sound readings, and more to determine which technology solutions best fit the space.

This expert-driven, collaborative process guides Bluum’s engineers in designing a technology plan that sets school esports up for success from every angle. Based on an extensive understanding of your project’s schedule, budget, and site conditions, the plan includes: 

  • A site survey;
  • A scope of work;
  • Equipment lists;
  • Functional wiring schematics;
  • Floor plans;
  • Touch screen layouts;
  • Construction requirements; and
  • Product specification information.


Once the best-in-class technology has been installed, Bluum provides leadership support and professional development to foster transformative changes to teaching and learning. 

To ensure students maintain a competitive edge, Bluum’s leasing and financing services offer an array of options to return and refresh your fleet of Esports hardware. Bluum can even help you figure out how to use ESSER funds to pay for various elements of your program. 

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