SameGoal is a leading Special Education documentation platform. Their modern, user-friendly app streamlines Special Education document authoring, Special Programs administration and state reporting. SameGoal is designed from the ground up to maximize specialized staff time and resources in order to help ensure long-term district success.

Over 700 local education agencies trust SameGoal to help manage their Special Program needs because of their best-in-class features including many tools to save educator time:

  • Autosave
  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Version history visible for all document collaborators
  • In-application chat

SameGoal also provides comprehensive adminsitor tools to help effecitly manage district staff members:

  • Documents cannot be marked complete until all checks pass
  • Checks include both content and state reporting
  • Embedded state and federal content guidance
  • Automatic deadline notifications and calendar

Further, SameGoal improves parental involvement and satisification.

  • Share documents electronically with parents easily
  • Parents can view and sign electronically on their phone
  • Document edits during team meetings appear in real-time
  • Automatic form and field translation to other languages


This platform helps ensure general education staff are aware of the accommodations and services students they teach are entitled to.

  • Plans authored in SameGoal appear automatically in your student information system when integrated
  • General education staff may be given access to contribute directly to evaluations, plans and progress reporting


SameGoal also helps districts address critical concerns regarding to compiance and legal checks.

  • Real-time compliance checks
  • Documentation and state reporting cannot get out of sync
  • Automatic deadline indicators and notifications
  • 360° document version history


For these reasons and more, SameGoal earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best Special Education Solution” as well as “Best Administrative Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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