This cool tool helps you find cool tools. At EdCuration, PreK-12 educators can search for instructional resources by subject, grade level and resource type. They can filter by Evidence Base and other features that matter to them. EdCuration has over 600 products on the marketplace that can be searched for, evaluted, favorited, compared to other solutions, and shared with colleagues. Over 3,000 educators from superintendents to curriculum directors to principals to teachers are shopping at EdCuration – performing due diligence, comparing solutions, scheduling demos, downloading quotes and placing orders. Meetings with the providers can be scheduled directly on the product pages, and pilot opportunities explored as well. An increasing number of solutions are being sold directly through EdCuration every day, and for these customized quotes can be downloaded and orders placed direclty through this one-stop-shop. EdCuration is becoming the trusted marketplace for all PreK to 12th grade instructional products, resources and tools. For these reasons and more, EdCuration earned Cool Tool Awards (finalist) for “Best Administrative Solution” and “Best Curriculum and Instruction Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.  


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