VR Dissection Lab by Xennial


Welcome to Xennial’s Virtual Reality (VR) Dissection Lab, designed for Middle and High School Biology programs. This very cool tool and innovative learning experience eliminates the need for physical specimens. The VR Dissection Lab includes the following specimens: Worm, Clam, Crayfish, Fish, and Frog. The guided experiences allow students to master incisions and understand external and internal anatomy. An interactive gallery lets students review each specimen’s anatomy before proceeding to the dissection. They’re able to master the use of virtual tools like scissors, forceps, and a scalpel to dissect organisms! Xennial’s VR Dissection Lab also addresses logistical challenges, making high-quality education accessible by removing resource, storage, and cost barriers. The VR Lab extends learning beyond the classroom, enabling students to access it anywhere, promoting independent and unlimited practice and study. The VR Dissection Lab is a transformative tool, providing a comprehensive, interactive alternative to traditional methods. Future plans? Enhancing the VR Lab with full hand-tracking capabilities for more seamless use and adoption. Learn more.


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