Taskbase Feedback Engine

The Taskbase Feedback Engine® delivers on the promise of personalized feedback – built to take the learning outcome of any digital learning platforms to the next level. The developers’ ambition is to develop the world’s best adaptive learning SAAS product based on formative feedback.

The product works for any topic, across all age groups, and beyond simple tasks such as multiple-choice questions — including complex learning scenarios like open-questions with free-form answers or advanced-math questions.

Didactic experts define personalized feedback; the backend of this product scales it through applied AI; their API easily integrates with new or existing digital-learning products.With scalable personalized-feedback add-on integration, education publishers and learning platforms can “create innovative learning products 10 times more cheaply, and go to market 10 times more quickly than today,” according to founders of Taskbase AG, the Zurich-based company that has developed the product.

Theirproduct is based on research with two of the world’s leading tech universities —ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne— the company has developed cutting-edge algorithms that are capable of translating unstructured learning interaction data into a well-structured Competence Graph.

The Taskbase team comprises 12 top-notch scientists and engineers, supported by six others to bring their product to the market.

The original idea stems from their founders’ work when they met during a data science research project at university to increase the learning outcome of a public school district in Switzerland.

They have more than a dozen customers, mostly publishing houses—and their feedback engine reaches 75,000+ active students, mostly in K-12. In 2022, they started a global sales campaign with a team of sales representatives and solution designers. For these reasons and more, Taskbase Feedback Engine earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best Adaptive Technology Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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