EveryDay Pro

In the area of school district administrative technology is this cool tool: EveryDay Pro, which amplifies attendance efforts by equipping district- and school-based leaders with robust attendance analytics at the district, school, and student level. Educators nationwide are using attendance as an early warning indicator for future academic challenges, and EveryDay Pro stands apart from other platforms in its depth of attendance analytics that enable educators to act quickly and keep students on track for success.

Educators can gain a deep understanding of attendance challenges across their district through dashboards that report both average daily attendance and chronic absenteeism, informing decisions on where to allocate resources and focus staff professional learning. Additionally, EveryDay Pro is one of the very few attendance dashboards that reports on student attendance patterns, and these insights help educators implement optimal attendance communication campaigns.

Family engagement is crucial to attendance, and viewing student attendance patterns and trends, as well as notes from prior family conversations, contribute to targeted and productive calls and home visits. Intervention coordination and case management features help teams create and deliver data-driven interventions and track individual and systemic barriers to attendance. Current users are streamlining their family outreach by implementing barrier assessments and tracking the results of daily family contact and outreach to understand reasons for absences.

Released in January 2022, EveryDay Pro is already being used in 10 districts nationwide, and saw a 49% average take-up rate by the end of the 21-22 school year. “We are excited to see educators innovate and leverage these best-in-class data analytics to keep students on the path to academic success,” say the developers behind this excellent product. For these reasons and more, EveryDay Pro earned Cool Tool Awards (finalist) for “Best New Product” and “Best Administrative Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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