Title1Crate from 806 Technologies

When managing compliance documentation, increasing student achievement should be the priority focus. Unfortunately, required compliance mandates often divert the focus to checking off federal and state compliance boxes. Title1Crate helps accelerate a school’s pursuit of high achievement with a focus on organization and campus collaboration.

Title1Crate is a secure, web-based compliance document management system for collecting, organizing, and validating Title I documentation. It eliminates the need for physical files, crates of paperwork and filling up local servers. All LEA documentation is in one central, cloud-based location – easily accessible when needed and completely secure and protected for years.

It’s straight-forward and easy to use. Title1Crate is a great way to be compliant, ready for audits, and monitor federal expenditures. Over 100,000 compliance documents have been uploaded by administrators using Title1Crate since its inception.

Title1Crate is designed by educators for educators to simplify the compliance management process by streamlining key steps and ensuring accountability across the board. With it, campuses can focus on a common vision, address key needs, and progress strategies to impact results.

This solution allows the LEA and each school to automate and digitize their Title I checklist. LEAs have all the tools they need within one software program to organize, track, and monitor compliance documents across every campus throughout the year.

With 15+ years of federal compliance experience and over 70,000 school leaders annually using Title1Crate to manage compliance documents, Title1Crate is able to provide comprehensive, detailed support that greatly contributes toward each school’s and the LEAs’ success. For these reasons and more, Title1Crate earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best Administrative Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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