Online education has been growing at a brisk pace for years, spearheaded by MOOC pioneers like Coursera. But it’s taken a massive leap since 2020, catalyzed by the pandemic, with both schools and universities moving online. This presents fresh challenges for learners, as they need to navigate and find information in a diverse set of learning materials ranging from audio/video, text, and documents to presentations.

Omnisearch solves this problem once and for all. Their AI-powered technology is essentially “Search for Everything.” It enables users to find information inside any of the content types above through a unified interface. It’s quite impressive and looks and feels a little like magic. For example, a learner can type a keyword or phrase into a search bar and navigate to exact moments in video lectures where that concept is covered, using automatically generated buttons. Ditto for exact positions in presentations, Word/PDF documents, or text lessons.

Their main use case is working with online education providers directly by integrating the software into their sites, in order for students to get all the benefits of Omnisearch. Their technology processes all the learning materials out of the box, making the process seamless for the customer.

They have been highly successful in the education industry, where their search technology is used by over one million students. They maintain a partnership with Thinkific, a leader in the LMS space, and have received their Partner’s Choice award. For these reasons and more, Omnisearch earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best Artificial Intelligence Solution” and a Trendsetter Award (finalist) as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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