Skillbuild by Muzzy Lane


SkillBuild by Muzzy Lane is a series of online short courses that help higher education institutions, employers, and learners develop, assess, and verify durable skills. Skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, oral communication, and resilience are in demand among employers:  According to research from America Succeeds, job postings request soft skills four times more often than hard skills. 

SkillBuild courses empower learners to gain and demonstrate these skills, which were. previously labor-intensive for educators and employers to assess. SkillBuild uses role-playing simulations (an area of tech in which Muzzy Lane has been one of the founding industry leaders) to provide learners with authentic, experiential learning activities. Along the way, learners are presented with real-world scenarios and asked to make choices that build on each other. As they encounter new information and see the effects of their decisions, they learn to course-correct. Simultaneously, the simulations auto-assess the learner’s mastery of each skill.

The SkillBuild suite of courses enables learners to practice and master the durable skills employers are looking for and earn a microcredential they can showcase on their resumes. Employers can also integrate these courses into their learning and development programs to support employees in upskilling or reskilling. Higher education institutions can incorporate these courses as they transition to more skills-based programming.

Developed in partnership with Education Design Lab (the Lab), the courses are built on the Lab’s foundational 21st Century Skills framework and based on Muzzy Lane’s extensive experience working with universities and other educational organizations, including Western Governors University, Excelsior University, Herzing University, Arizona State University, and McGraw-Hill.

Anyone can access SkillBuild from the Muzzy Lane website. The courses run on any browser or operating system and are compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA. Muzzy Lane offers learning tools interoperability (LTI) integration to allow schools and employers to easily embed SkillBuild courses in their LMS platforms.  Learn more.


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