Meet Ace, Top Hat’s AI-Powered Teaching Assistant

Students who say their instructors use regular low stakes assessments, collaboration, and discussion activities express a greater sense of belonging and increased confidence in their ability to graduate. When it comes to learning, and reducing achievement gaps for underrepresented students, active learning practices like these have long been the gold standard. Yet active learning remains the exception than the rule in most college classrooms. 

That’s about to change with the launch of Ace, Top Hat’s cool new AI-powered teaching and learning assistant. Ace lets instructors instantly create knowledge checks and assessment questions they can use to engage students, spur discussion, and assess comprehension. Using “in-context learning,” Ace will analyze slide presentations as well as readings and assignments to recommend questions, which instructors can either accept or edit before adding, ensuring they retain complete control over their materials. 

Since launching a few months ago, educators have used Top Hat Ace to generate thousands of assessment questions, including hints and explanations, to bring active learning to their lectures, readings, and homework assignments. Ace also provides students with personalized study support to help them clarify challenging concepts, get extra practice applying learning, and for targeted guidance on exam prep—all based directly on their course content. 

Ace is the latest milestone in Top Hat’s efforts to make evidence-based teaching practices a cornerstone in the learning experience for every student. Learn more. 


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