Vivi is a unique all-in-one wireless screen sharing and digital signage tool, designed specifically for education to enhance communication, collaboration, and connectivity in the classroom and across campus.

Teachers need technology that enhances their instruction rather than limiting it or isolating students. This cool tool provides reliable, easy, wireless screen sharing that helps students engage with content, allows them to share their screens, brings instructional tools into the platform and frees teachers to share from anywhere in the classroom. Students come into the classroom with new devices and skills, but too often content is delivered directly to students screens limiting their engagement and collaboration with their peers and instructors. Vivi opens up dynamic lessons so that teachers can share content to the front of the room—from anywhere in the room, students can capture the content to their own devices and then take notes, annotate, show their own work and more.

Teachers can allow students to share their screens to the front of the room to model different ways of thinking or problem solving, to foster conversation and collaboration, without ever losing the ability to preview content or end student sharing. This solution powers collaborative learning with flexible, device agnostic student screen sharing for up to four students at the same time. Students can work in small groups and show their group work, they can model different ways of approaching similar problems, or do sections of a larger class project working together without having to leave their seats.

For these reasons and more, Vivi earned a Cool Tool Award for “Best Classroom Management Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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