Brainly’s AI Tutor

With Brainly’s AI Tutor, learners can now seamlessly transition between AI-powered assistance (AI Tutor) and Live Expert support to receive immediate assistance.

Brainly’s AI Tutor includes features such as AI-powered answers, which are provided when students can’t find an answer in Brainly’s community-driven Knowledge Base, and Dive Deeper, which shares AI-generated trivia and fun facts about a subject – similar to a sidebar in a textbook sharing interesting information about the topic being discussed in that chapter.

Powered by generative AI technology, the new AI Tutor product leverages Brainly’s extensive Knowledge Base of over 250 million moderated answers. Its personalized learning support caters to the needs of all students by offering more than just answers to their questions. Many students struggle to comprehend concepts introduced in the classroom and need further guidance to independently solve problems at home. AI Tutor bridges this gap, offering a personalized, interactive and fun learning experience that provides accurate answers, facilitates a deeper understanding and instills problem-solving skills.

For these reasons and more, Brainly’s AI Tutor earned top honors winning a Cool Tool Award for “Best AI Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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