Credentialate from Edalex

This company is tackling challenges around skills and employability using personalized evidence of skills. Globally, 77% of employers face a talent shortage. While industry is increasingly focused on skills, only 33% of surveyed graduates felt comfortable voicing their skills. With increased competition for roles, learners must be able to voice and evidence their skills.

Their platform, Credentialate, discovers and shares evidence of skills arising from learning. Learners receive a personalized Evidence Record with qualitative, quantitative and file-based feedback generated from existing assessment data from third-party platforms. The Credentialate Evidence Record can be embedded in digital badge, enabling further portability and verification. Prospective employers can view evidence demonstrating a learner’s workplace skills. Institutions can surface insights and trends on learner performance, skills and alignment—not only for those who are excelling but also those still developing their skills.

The company has been busy this past year. They launched innovative provisional evidence records that institutions can update to reflect the latest mastery level for students – very relevant for K-12 schools with rapid skill development. They launched a dynamic learner dashboard demonstrating mastery progression to students and parents in conjunction with their partner Learning Vault. The dashboard introduces gamification for the students, increases visibility for parents/carers, and saves teachers time by automating reporting. They also added Open Badges 3.0 digital credential issuing capabilities.

But does it work? In an international efficacy study, Credentialate evidence records have been demonstrated to increase confidence in expressing their skills in 76% of learners. For these reasons and more, Credentialate is a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Badging/Credentialing Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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