InSpace from Inspace Proximity

Imagine an online learning platform with the fluidity of real life. An easily accessible and engaging virtual space that enables connection, collaboration, and autonomy. That mirrors our experience in the physical world and allows us to deepen our relationships with others. That gives us the power to transform and make decisions about where we want to be and when. That provides answers, feedback, and assessments in the moment and opportunities to collaborate in real-time.

InSpace, an immersive video collaboration platform built by and for educators, is that space. It puts community, collaboration, and relationships at the center of online learning.

Its thriving virtual campuses and classrooms give students control over their learning experiences, so they can move freely around their online environment and connect with others, just like in real life. InSpace takes the best of online education—the affordable, accessible model that’s democratized education for millions of people—and transforms it in big ways, giving students more choices and control over their experiences, more ways to learn and collaborate with others, and more personalized support when they need it. The platform puts people at the center of their own learning experiences and uses machine learning to remove complicated logistics and tasks so they can focus on connecting with others and building the critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence they’ll need in an AI-powered future.

For these reasons and more, InSpace from InSpace Proximity is a Cool Tool Awards Winner for “Best Collaboration Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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