Attention! from Boxlight

Attention! is a comprehensive integration solution that merges FrontRow Conductor™ campus communication capabilities with Boxlight’s CleverLive cloud management platform, and Mimio and Clevertouch interactive displays, creating a seamless audio-visual messaging and alerting system.
FrontRow’s Conductor campus communication platform enables efficient, campus-wide information sharing. Administrators can control and disseminate information via zones, pre-recorded messages, and scheduled broadcasts.

CleverLive, a cloud content management platform, empowers displays with communication capabilities. Users can easily access and manage content, making it a breeze to broadcast alerts and updates to all displays. In emergency situations, the system triggers audio alerts and allows administrators to promptly communicate vital information to all screens.

Traditionally, classroom AV, PA, security, and network systems operated independently. Conductor, being an IP-based control and communication system, covers the entire school. When combined with CleverLive, the Attention! solution offers a powerful and efficient method for swift information sharing. It can also extend communication to Mimio and Clevertouch interactive displays.

As concerns for staff and student safety grow, the need for campus-wide communication becomes paramount. Administrators can customize the information shared and the duration of broadcasts as needed, granting schools more control during critical situations and ensuring clear communication. The Attention! solution streamlines information sharing, fostering a safer and more connected learning environment.

For these reasons and more, Attention! from Boxlight is a Cool Tool Awards Winner for “Best Communication Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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