My EdTech Life: Alfonso Mendoza Jr., M.Ed.

My EdTech Life, steered by Fonz Mendoza, is not just a podcast—it’s a movement in the edtech realm. Pioneering the dialogue on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education, it consistently spotlights the transformative potential of AI in classrooms, positioning itself at the vanguard of edtech evolution. But it doesn’t stop there.

With a pulse on the pressing issues of our times, the podcast bravely delves into adolescent mental health, highlighting innovative solutions like the Alongside app, designed to counter the alarming dip in youth mental well-being.

Moreover, “My EdTech Life” champions groundbreaking edtech tools, such as Eduaide.AI and Curipod, that are reshaping the educational landscape by empowering educators to craft personalized and engaging learning experiences. But perhaps its most significant contribution is its ability to weave a tight-knit community of educators. This platform has become a beacon, illuminating the path for educators worldwide, encouraging them to share, learn, and grow together.

In essence, “My EdTech Life” is more than just a series of episodes—it’s a clarion call for innovation, a spotlight on pressing issues, and a hub for educator collaboration. It’s not just setting trends; it’s crafting the future of education.

For these reasons and more, Alfonso Mendoza Jr., M.Ed. is this year’s EdTech Leadership Award Winner for “Best Edtech Author / Speaker or Podcaster” as part of The EdTech Award 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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