By connecting learners with organizational expertise and wisdom, social and collaborative learning platforms empower learners and leaders to learn from each other through discussions and opportunities for informal and formal feedback. Contextualized discussions and feedback from peers and mentors on projects produce true alignment.

Founded at Stanford’s Social Algorithms Lab in 2012, NovoEd is a capability-building platform that uses social and collaborative learning to drive alignment, performance, and mobility at scale. Through cohort-based experiences, NovoEd taps into collective wisdom, placing each learner at the center of perspective, application, and expertise. Large enterprises across industries such as 3M, Baker Hughes, GE, Marriott, Nestlé, and NetApp, as well as leading business schools such as IMD International Institute for Management Development partner with NovoEd to accelerate their critical initiatives and reconnect teams through learning that is felt, experienced, and swiftly transformed into impact. Social and collaborative learning targets the contextual aspects of knowledge and builds enterprise capabilities such as leadership, design thinking, innovation, sustainability, and diversity equity, and inclusion.

NovoEd offers an adaptable, scalable online platform to create these types of collaborative learning experiences for enterprises of all sizes. This streamlined, cohesive learner experience empowers organizations to provide its learners intentional, immersive, and iterative opportunities for practice and application, discussion and feedback, team-based projects, and coaching and mentorship.

For these reasons and more, NovoEd is a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best E-Learning, Blended, Flipped or Remote Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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