Fiona and Michael Holmstrom, STEM Punks

Founded by Michael and Fiona Holmstrom, leaders in the STEM education space through pedagogy and innovative, engaging STEM programs globally. STEM Punks originated as modest after-school garage classes, our initiative rapidly gained popularity among parents and educators. 

STEM Punks is driven by the mission to ”Inspire Tomorrow’s Innovators,” a journey begun long before STEM education was part of the national curriculum in Michael and Fiona’s home country of Australia.

They offer a comprehensive range of online STEM programs meticulously crafted to nurture creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship for primary/high school students.

Some recent highlights: 

  • Pioneering modern broadcasting techniques and digital technology delivers high-quality, cost-effective, ”STEM Punks TV”, bridging the equity gap in STEM education. Gained global recognition, attracting major players like Amazon Web Service and UNESCO, with over 200,000 interactions.
  • Collaborations with industry leaders, such as Lockheed Martin, Komatsu, and World Science Festival, to cultivate future-focused skills, essential for tomorrow’s workforce.
  • Innovation Sports, merging STEM, design thinking, and eSports, empowered over 500 Australian students with plans for expansion into the US through a partnership with NASEF.
  • Secured an eight-year contract with Lockheed Martin, shaping STEM career pathways for 40,000 high school students,
  • Introduced a three-year School Partner program benefiting 5,000 students and teachers in Chile, Peru, and Colombia.
  • Initiated SPACE 2101, five-day STEM and Design Thinking events across the UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Australia, and Thailand with astronauts, fostering new STEM skills and collaborative solutions for the space industry.
  • Collaborations with Vietnam National University introducing SMART gardens and micro bits.
  • Ensuring equality in STEM education, encouraging more girls to take part.

For these reasons and more, Michael and Fiona Holmstrom of STEM Punks were named Winners of The EdTech Leadership Awards for “Best Founder(s) / CEO” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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