Why B Corp Certification Matters to Education

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GUEST COLUMN | by Mike Mahanay

At our company, we’re committed to empowering educators and students with innovative learning solutions. But our dedication goes beyond the technology itself. We believe in fostering a positive impact on society and the environment, which is why we’re proud to be a certified B Corporation™ (B Corp).

‘…our dedication goes beyond the technology itself. We believe in fostering a positive impact on society and the environment…’

What is a B Corp?

B Corps are a new breed of businesses that use their profits and operations to create a positive impact alongside financial success. This rigorous certification process assesses a company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility, transparency, and accountability.

Why Does B Corp Certification Matter for Edtech Buyers?

In today’s education landscape, schools and districts are increasingly seeking partners who share their values. Here’s how B Corp Certification demonstrates our company’s commitment to your success:

  • Socially Responsible Supply Chain: We prioritize ethical sourcing and fair labor practices throughout our supply chain. Wherever possible, we incorporate the use of recycled components, even redesigning some of our products to include up to 30% of post-consumer recycled plastics. We do everything possible to ensure your technology is designed intelligently and produced responsibly, minimizing negative social and environmental impacts.


  • Focus on Equity and Access: We believe all students deserve access to quality educational resources. Our B Corp status reflects our commitment to developing technologies and computing features that promote inclusivity and educational equity, such as private network capabilities.


  • Sustainable Practices: As a B Corp, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint. This includes responsible material sourcing, energy-efficient products, eco-friendly packaging, and e-waste recycling programs. We also use 100% renewable energy at our headquarters and invest in carbon offset activities by planting thousands of carbon-capture mangrove trees.


  • Long-Term Partnership: B Corps are built for the long haul, prioritizing social and environmental good alongside financial health. This ensures our company remains a stable and reliable partner for your educational technology needs.


Choosing a B Corp edtech provider goes beyond just getting the latest technology. It’s about aligning your institution with a company that shares your commitment to a brighter future.

Among the people and processes at our company, B Corp Certification is more than just a badge of honor. It’s the foundation of who we are and how we operate. We believe this commitment to social and environmental responsibility makes us a stronger partner in education, one that can help shape a more positive future for all learners.

Mike Mahanay is VP Business Development and Governmental Relations at CTL, a mission-driven company empowering success at school and work with innovative cloud-computing products and industry-leading services. He is also the new B Corp Officer for CTL. To learn more, connect with Mike on LinkedIn. 


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