Here is a provider of adaptive online writing curriculum that’s used in over 60% of districts. They call their product NoRedInk and their unique approach to student engagement makes writing relevant, approachable, and important. When setting up an account, each student gets to select their favorite celebrities, fictional characters, and other interests. These personalized interests then appear in the exercises the student sees, creating a link between the learning material and what the student cares about.

NoRedInk then gives teachers the power to extend this personalization to their instruction. With just a couple clicks, a teacher can assign different work to different students based on the results of a diagnostic assessment. It also makes it easy for teachers to adjust the rubrics used to evaluate specific students’ work, selectively attach scaffolding like sentence stems or word banks to supplement NoRedInk’s built-in scaffolding, and create peer review pairs that take skills mastery into account.

Because exercises are adaptive, students see hints, lessons, and extra questions when they’re struggling and see more difficult questions when they’re excelling. This differentiation at scale ensures that every student not only receives the support they need to persist through their work, but is consistently challenged in ways that are productive for their learning.

NoRedInk’s engaging, differentiation-focused instructional resources and activities cover the full range of skills students must develop to become strong writers. Consequently, as a study by WestEd confirmed, “NoRedInk performance is a robust predictor of end-of-year language growth” regardless of race, gender, grade, and baseline MAP score. For these reasons and more, NoRedInk is a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Language Arts Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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