Higher Education Technology Leadership: Rebecca Leis, Ph.D.

Rebecca Leis, Ph.D. is a Full Sail University Program Director overseeing the Computer Science Bachelor of Science – Mobile Development Concentration, Computer Science Master of Science, and User Experience Bachelor of Science degree programs. In her role, she continues to work to build new hands-on educational opportunities for current and future students.

Leis brings with her into the role knowledge from earning a master’s and a Ph. D in Modeling and Simulation. Her research focused on an acute understanding of the human mind through technology. For example, while earning her master’s degree, one of her research studies explored how people could use technology to become safer, more efficient workers in high-risk jobs at oil rigs or nuclear power plants.

Recently, Leis, Ph.D. has done the following:

Aided in the launch and deployment of three new Full Sail emerging technologies degree programs – Computer Science Master of Science, User Experience Bachelor of Science, as well as the Computer Science Bachelor of Science Mobile and Artificial Intelligence (AI) concentrations.

Played an instrumental role in the grand opening of the “Full Sail University Fitness Technology Lab Powered by Echelon Fit.” This on-campus lab environment allows students across the emerging technologies-focused degree programs to participate in innovative research initiatives centered on enhancing existing Echelon equipment and features, as well as the development and implementation of new features for different Echelon product lines.

Continued to manage a team of over 50 educators while regularly evaluating the effectiveness of the programs she oversees. For these reasons and more, Rebecca Leis, Ph.D. is The EdTech Leadership Awards 2024 Winner for “Best Higher Education Leader” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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