HMH Read 180

Read 180 represents a blended learning solution meticulously designed to elevate literacy proficiency and cultivate a growth mindset in Grades 3-12. Functioning as an intervention program, it extends essential support to all students reading below grade level, encompassing those with disabilities, special education requirements, and multilingual learners, including newcomers. At its core, Read 180 aligns with the latest findings in the science of reading research, delivering an empirically grounded program that amalgamates best practices in literacy instruction.

Read 180 effectively incorporate the well-regarded Scarborough’s Rope Model and the quintessential five pillars of reading into the pedagogical approach. The program seamlessly integrates teacher-led instruction and student application software, thereby enhancing students’ proficiency across all facets of the rope model. By meticulously addressing the fundamental components of reading, Read 180 serves as a cornerstone for struggling readers, enabling them to establish a robust foundation in reading and thereby enhancing their overall reading achievements.

Within the Read 180 paradigm, students are provided with independent reading options as well as access to the student application, guiding them along a customized path aligned with their zone of proximal development. This application encompasses six distinct zones: Explore, Reading, Language, Fluency, Writing, and Success. Student progression through these zones hinges on their performance in assessments, prior application activities, engagement metrics, personal interests, and teacher insights.

The hallmark of Read 180 lies in its systematic approach to nurturing students’ literacy aptitude, commencing with a focus on phonics and culminating in the development of fluency and ultimate proficiency. For these reasons and more, Read 180 from HMH is a Cool Tool Awards Winner for “Best Literacy / Reading Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.  


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