TouchMath Standards Edition

The TouchMath Standards Edition solution provides equitable access to research-based instructional methodology that utilizes a multi-sensory approach to universal design for learning (UDL). Initially designed to help struggling learners master early foundational skills, TouchMath Standards Edition provides scaffolded instruction and hands-on materials that promote deep understanding for all students. Using the concrete, representational, and abstract (CRA) continuum, TouchMath Standards Edition introduces math concepts in a tangible, concrete way. By transitioning learners from concrete presentation to representational understanding and then to abstract thinking, learners of all abilities are provided with the supports necessary to make meaningful gains. Additionally, the standards-aligned curriculum is specifically designed to be used across all educational settings, so that students with complex learning challenges who receive instruction in self-contained classrooms have access to the same materials and instruction as their peers who receive instruction in a general education classroom. The TouchMath Standards Edition solution provides equitable access to academic inclusion for students who struggle with math difficulties and their teachers, helping to bridge the gap between instructional inequities and driving success for all students. In addition to their commitment to instructional equity and excellence, the company behind this product is dedicated to furthering research and advancing the field of mathematics for those who struggle with math difficulties and dyscalculia. It is their mission to provide individuals who are struggling with mathematics the tools necessary to access meaningful diagnosis, high-quality services, and research-based interventions that are proven effective. For these reasons and more, TouchMath Standards Edition is a Cool Tool Awards Winner for “Best Math Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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