Emergent Tree Classroom Coaching Tool

Nearly 50% of teachers leave the profession within five years, citing behavior and discipline as major reasons for leaving (Ramos, G. & Hughes, T., 2020). However, quality professional development and mentoring can keep teachers in the classroom and hone their skills. The Emergent Tree Classroom Coaching Tool allows mentors and instructional coaches to better support teachers in classroom management strategies and behavioral interventions.

Evidence-based quantitative data measures are combined with structured qualitative information to provide a comprehensive picture of teacher strengths and needs in classroom management skills. By isolating critical components of an effective classroom management plan—such as setting expectations prior to activity transitions—the Classroom Coaching Tools guides teacher mentors and instructional coaches in what areas to prioritize during coaching sessions.

Graphic representations of each classroom component guides teachers in accurately reflecting on their current skill level and identify areas to target for focus. Since all mentors bring different areas of expertise background experiences, the Classroom Coaching Tool makes it easy to collect the right measures to start coaching conversations whether you’re an expert in behavior or newly expanding your knowledge.

The Classroom Coaching Tool:

  • Analyzes use of instructional time
  • Quantifies student engagement
  • Explores classroom interactions
  • Monitors behavioral feedback to students
  • Reviews management strategies
  • Facilitates data sharing and collaborative action planning


With the Classroom Coaching Tool, educational leaders can support teachers in the skills most likely to help them stay in the profession, ensuring every teacher feels confident and compentant in social, emotional and behavioral supports for the classroom. For these reasons and more, Emergent Tree Classroom Coaching Tool is a Cool Tool Awards Winner for “Best Mentoring Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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