MentorEase is an affordable mentoring software that helps manage mentoring programs at universities, industry associations, non-profits and corporations. Each installation is unique with customized branding, registration forms, matching algorithm, self or admin matching, mentoring resources, checklists, personal journals, goal setting, tasks and feedback. Registration can be done via email or single sign-on integration.

Beyond comparing selections and checkmarks, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools compare open text fields and uploaded resumes to find matching terms. A custom interface displays AI results in context to help find that “needle in the haystack” type of info that can help find even better mentor matches.

For example, a mentee may mention they want to learn about a particular topic and some mentors mention they have experience in that topic. That topic may not be listed as an option in the registration form and a basic matching algorithm would not find it, but the AI tools could detect it.

A mentoring program with 100 mentors and 100 mentees, each uploading a resume averaging 1,000 words would require comparing each mentee’s resume with 100,000 words in the mentor resumes – looking for matching terms. A program with 1,000 mentors would require comparing 1,000,000 words. That is impossible to accomplish by program admins without the AI tools.

MentorEase is used by about 100 mentoring programs in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the UK. The platform enables growing mentoring programs with minimal admin effort. A global program achieved 4x growth over 6 months. For these reasons and more, MentorEase is a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Mentoring Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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