Press Kit – The EdTech Awards 2018

Download The EdTech Awards 2018 Press Release:

Below are additional digital assets for media use.

The EdTech Awards 2018 | Finalist and Winner Badges


These badges are intended solely for use by verified honorees or their agents or representatives (“you” – if it applies). You agree to use only the badge(s) corresponding to your verified honors as confirmable on

Badges are marked FINALIST or WINNER. Be sure to use the correct badge.

Also note that there are three (3) different general categories (Cool Tool, Leadership, and Trendsetter). Be sure to differentiate here as well.

Where possible, when displaying the digital badge on your website, provide a hover-over link back to: or to The EdTech Awards landing page on the EdTech Digest website, or (as available) to an article about you or your product featured on the EdTech Digest site.

These badges may be used online or in print materials. The badges may be altered to grayscale as appropriate for your website awards section or print materials, but may not otherwise be altered without express permission from EdTech Digest. There are no licensing fees for use of these badges.

© Copyright 2018 EdTech Digest. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED except as specified in permissions granted in the above statements.


To obtain the full image file, on a Mac hold down the ‘control’ button and mouse-click on the desired image, a menu will appear; choose “Save Image As…” and save it. 

Or, on a Mac hold down the ‘option’ button and mouse-click on the desired image, whereupon the image will automatically download to your computer.   

The badges below come in two styles:

  • a borderless treatment with a transparent background for use as desired (BORDERLESS WHITE), and a
  • rounded-edge ‘black card’ (BLACK CARD) for use on any background color, as desired; take your pick or use both.

Finalist badges:


Winner badges:

This next set of both Finalist and Winner badges is intended for special use in conjunction with a short descriptive quote provided by EdTech Digest (CARD QUOTE BADGE).


sample (not actual) descriptive quotes:

“A magical experience … this product takes innovation to another level!”

“A veteran ‘digital educator’ who leads by example with a tireless care factor!” 

“This edtech group has a keen sense of what’s next and has been setting trends for decades!”

If you are a 2018 honoree, obtain YOUR descriptive quote by writing to: [email protected]

All honorees also receive a framable CERTIFICATE and will be FEATURED IN EDTECH DIGEST.  

Winners will receive a special CELEBRATORY ARTIFACT via mail. Upon receipt of artifact with instructions, winners who then submit a 10-second video will have their VIDEO FEATURED on EdTech Digest in 2018.


These badges are downloadable PDFs and can be used for print materials. Adhere to instructions above. 

Finalist badges:

Winner badges:

‘Card quote’ badges: (see instructions above) 


Keep your eyes on EdTech Digest:

We’ll be celebrating The EdTech Awards all year long!