The EdTech Awards

The largest and most competitive recognition program in all of education technology.

Recognizing the biggest names in edtech – and those who soon will be.

We celebrate who’s who—and what’s next.

The EdTech Awards recognizes people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

Featuring edtech’s best and brightest, the annual program shines a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders and innovative trendsetters across the:

  • K-12
  • Higher Education, and
  • Skills and Workforce sectors.

The EdTech Awards recognize people—and the products they produce and lives they shape— with these honors:


The EdTech Cool Tool Awards

  • adaptive technology solution
  • administrative solution
  • artificial intelligence (AI) solution
  • arts, music, or creative solution
  • authoring tools solution
  • badging/credentialing solution
  • career planning solution
  • classroom management solution
  • coding, computer science, engineering solution
  • collaboration solution
  • college prep solution
  • communication solution
  • content provider solution
  • corporate training solution
  • curriculum and instruction solution
  • digital courseware solution
  • district data solution
  • e-learning, blended, or flipped solution
  • emerging technology solution
  • enrollment & admissions solution
  • games for learning/simulation solution
  • hardware for education solution
  • higher education solution
  • hiring or internships solution
  • IT networking, connectivity, or access solution
  • language arts solution
  • language learning solution
  • learning analytics/data mining solution
  • learning management system (LMS) solution
  • lesson planning solution
  • literacy/reading solution
  • maker/DIY tools solution
  • math solution
  • mobile app solution – early childhood, elem.
  • mobile app solution – middle & high school
  • mobile app solution – post-secondary
  • mobile device solution
  • MOOCs and online courses solution
  • new product or service (released in the last 2 years or later)
  • OER (open educational resources)/open learning solution
  • parent/student solution
  • personalized learning solution
  • presentation solution
  • professional development learning solution
  • professional skills solution
  • research/reference tools solution
  • resources/other helpful sites or tools for education
  • robotics (for learning, education) solution
  • security/privacy solution
  • science solution
  • social studies solution
  • special needs/assistive technology solution
  • STEM solution
  • student information system (SIS) solution
  • student study tools solution
  • test prep solution
  • testing & assessment solution
  • tutoring solution
  • 21st-century skills solution
  • video-based learning solution
  • VR/AR (virtual reality, augmented reality) solution

The EdTech Leadership Awards

  • edtech author / speaker or podcaster
  • founder(s) / ceo
  • founder(s) / ceo – startup
  • global leader
  • higher education technology leader
  • national (U.S.) leader
  • public relations (PR) firm working in edtech
  • school leader
  • visionary

The EdTech Trendsetter Awards

  • edtech company setting a trend
  • edtech group setting a trend
  • educator setting a trend
  • leader setting a trend
  • product or service setting a trend
  • school leader setting a trend

Notes on the Program

The EdTech Awards program is going into its 13th consecutive year.

For The EdTech Awards 2022:

Results coming in March 2022.

Go here for 2021 program results

Honorees are announced in March of each year.

The EdTech Awards 2020 finalists and winners can be found here

All other past winners can be found here.

We are currently CLOSED FOR ENTRIES. To receive an alert for when the next window opens in Summer 2022, email: [email protected] and type ‘REMINDER 2023’ in the subject line.