COOL TOOL: Blackboard Mobile Learn on Android

CAN YOU IMAGINE not having a cell phone? A little while back, I dropped mine a few too many times and on about the 33rd drop, it didn’t seem to work anymore. I was forced to get a new one. I didn’t even wait one hour; I was at the store almost immediately getting a replacement. Well, imagine school without a cell phone. Some schools ban them, but what if you were using something like Blackboard Mobile Learn? From your phone, you would be getting announcements, midterm grades, homework assignments, classmate blog updates. You’d be able to communicate instantly with others in your class, comment on their journal thoughts, access music, videos and images having to do with your school work, and track and manage various tasks such as turning in an assignment, studying for an upcoming test or whatever else. Now, as a student, can you imagine not having a cell phone?


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