Cool Tool: eBeam Engage

A teacher runs over to his computer, runs back to the electronic whiteboard, then picks up a peripheral device. He’s like a bad magician as his patient students begin to take pity on him. Then there’s the eBeam Engage. This cool tool makes it easier for teachers or students to access everything fluidly. Everything’s on one console, it offers rich content and interactive software that can be used from the board and distributed for editing and review. It’s a beautiful, minimalist system with maximum attention to ease of use—at once aesthetic and practical in its simplicity. Upon seeing it, you may ask, “Where’s the rest of it?” However, that’s because what it does is it quickly transforms any wall surface or plain whiteboard into a full-on, multimedia learning environment. Check it out for yourself in this easy to follow video of how it works. Keep watching as there’s a little twist to it around 0:34. Reminds me of that great Arthur C. Clarke quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”


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