Cool Tool: EchoSystem 4.0

It’s not a cloning device, but Echo360’s latest product line of lecture capture solutions is pretty close. The system dynamically records lectures, synchronizes multimedia presentations and offers a full suite of student collaboration features for on-demand playback of in-classroom material, on any device, at any time. That’s like DVR’ing your lesson plans with social learning built right in. Echo360’s EchoSystem 4.0 also supports streaming over tablets like Apple’s new iPad2, HD-video support and even dual-display presentations for those tech-savvy instructors that want more than just slides to drive a point home. And, yes, it’s not exactly cloning, but the platform certainly allows educators to do more with less. By avoiding repetitive questioning and enhancing student access to material via a crystal clear online catalog of lectures, Echo provides the much needed third dimension in online learning. With equipment already installed in over 400 campuses across the globe, Echo360 is a leader in lecture capture and a name we’ll surely be hearing a lot more of. Check out what it does for a blended learning environment right here.


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