Trends | Why School? by Will Richardson

“I’m loathe to overstate things,” says Will Richardson, “but I’m becoming more and more convinced that this is a crucially important moment in the history of schools.” With “excitement and a bit of trepidation” Will shares his latest book published by TED Books, a 14,000-word e-book in which he fleshes out his most recently discussed ideas many of which he laid out in a TEDx talk in Melbourne this past summer. He hopes to provoke a different conversation around what schools can be and need to be, as he puts it, in a time when “our access to information and teachers and whole bunch of other stuff is exploding.” In the midst of fundamental shift happening in education currently, there are two competing narratives. One is more student-centered, and his book pushes for that one. Find out about the whole discussion and get re-energized as an educator or as a concerned leader in and around the education sector. Worth checking it out.


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