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DLN Smart SeriesThis smartly written series explores the promise and potential of real shifts in education on which readers can capitalize whether you’re an educator, an education sector leader, or an innovator or entrepreneur from the education industry. The authors of these papers have years of experience in the areas they discuss and provide practical examples. Pictured here is the fourth paper in this series providing specific guidance regarding the adoption of Common Core State Standards and the shift to personal digital learning. From the paper: “Together, we are calling for the creation of a customized education system that prepares all students for lifelong learning, including the important steps of college and career readiness. We call it personalization.” We call these papers worthwhile, with a focus and approach that is right on. Read them all right here.   


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    What the Smart Series does not address are the numerous silos created by each program that students must track and add to their resume or profile

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