Trends | HotChalk Education Index Q1 2013

HOTCHALK Education Index Q1 2013Here’s a potentially great source of continuing data about online learning, technology in education and issues pertinent to teachers and students in today’s classrooms. The newly-launched HotChalk Education Index promises to deliver insights to publishers, policy makers, and educators about how the Internet is influencing, changing and satisfying an education-hungry planet. This first report snags attention for what it intends to provide; future reports should be interesting. A quarterly report, the Index is focused on “providing critical insight about the impact of the Internet on education,” says Edward Fields, CEO of HotChalk. Addressing relevant issues and trends in education, the Index “is an evolution of our continuing ‘deep market’ audience research, and the voices represented in the Index are educators, students, parents, and administrators. The size of the audience—and the data behind it—provides new ways to understand the intent of online education,” he says. This is the first in a series of quarterly reports. In future reports, they will introduce an array of topics, providing you with the latest insights and trends in education and education technology. What’s pretty amazing is that it’s based on anonymized education data from the HotChalk Network, a proprietary collection of more than 160 education focused websites, serving more than 200 million pages of free content to 50 million unique visitors from around the world each month. They are soliciting help, so write to:


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