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azendooFed up with trying to get everyone in sync? Students and teachers are overwhelmed with an abundance of information, making project organization and team collaboration a big challenge. In a group situation, sharing research and working together is almost impossible without the proper tools. Azendoo for Education is your task and project management home screen. Getting all of your documents, conversations and assignments organized in one place is the key to increasing productivity in the classroom. It’s all about helping you improve the way you work with students and teachers. The application has integrated four of the biggest names in file sharing (Evernote, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive), making it easy to attach and view all your files from a single home screen. Whether in a task or on the message board, the two-tier organization system (Workspaces and Subjects) sorts your content instinctively and posts it to the necessary boards. This keeps everyone up to date on what’s happening, in real-time, automatically. No more jumping back and forth from your email inbox to find out what’s going on. Everything and everyone are finally working in the same place. Plus — and here’s the kicker — it’s completely free for students and teachers. Questions? Contact them directly: [email protected]


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