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Skillmeter testRecruiting talent is a tough business. In formulating any strong team, talented individuals matter. The qualities, skills and abilities of every team member are vital to overall success. To help with that is Skillmeter, a new cloud application easing the burden on recruiters looking to hire better and faster by measuring candidates’ skills through personalized tests. All tests are available 24/7 and can be taken from anywhere through a secure connection. Skillmeter sets itself apart with its features and support. The goal of the product is “to help recruiters to hire faster and better” — thus, all features included in the product roadmap contribute to making the hiring process more pleasant and efficient. Taking clients seriously and listening actively to their needs, Skillmeter incorporates the best ideas, but it isn’t just built for recruiters. Trainers and educators needing to measure skills of their students can use it as well. It’s free for educators and the paid version includes a 14-day free trial. Check it out right here.

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