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CREDIT GleanSearching for educational videos to find the best fit for students can be a time-consuming process for teachers. There are thousands of high-quality educational videos online – Glean structures and organizes these videos by topic and educational standard to make them easy to find, but they don’t stop there. Building on the Cognitive Flexibility Theory, Glean allows students to rank videos they find most helpful to them. Based on these rankings, the platform will analyze all the videos within a given topic to find those that match a student’s learning style closest. The site’s interactive features also create an environment where students do more than just watch videos. Students can ask questions in real time, and teachers can assign practice problems based on the video. According to one teacher user, “…hearing things more than once helps students learn a concept well, but hearing things more than once from a different teacher at a different pace using different visual media, I feel, helps even more.” Check it out.


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