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LearningList star“I’m overwhelmed by the number of new instructional materials out there. We don’t have the staff or the time to review them all. How do we figure out which would be best for our students?” If this sounds familiar, Learning List can help. It’s an instructional materials review service for schools and districts, you could say it’s “Consumer Reports” meets “Angie’s List” for K-12 instructional materials and online courses. Subscribers can access an online library of completed reviews or request reviews of additional materials, including open-source, in the subjects reviewed. For each product, features three types of reviews to provide multiple perspectives about each product: (1) an independent verification of the publisher’s correlation to the Common Core and/or Texas standards; (2) an editorial review analyzing each product’s  instructional content and design and the attributes that make the product unique; (3) subscriber ratings and reviews on criteria that matter most to educators. Tools on make it easy for educators to collaborate in their selection process and identify “fill-in-the-gap” products. Learning List helps subscribers narrow the number of products to review more deeply, saving  districts money and educators hours of work. Educate yourself using this cool tool before investing in new instructional materials.


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