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CREDIT TicoTimer“I’ve had numerous reports of teachers using it in classroom in a pre-school setting, and also in a special needs context,” says Ricardo Fonseca, creator of Tico Timer, a visual cue tool for students and teachers. “I loved the process of making the app but to know that it is being used on an actual classroom and being useful at that, just fills me with joy! Young parents too have been using the app, which is great,” he says. With a minimalistic design and oriented towards small children, Tico Timer is a take on alternate ways of counting down time: no numbers, just visual cues. Parents or teachers may select several from eleven different types of visual countdowns available, from disappearing squares or lines to a shrinking circle. There are also seven beautiful original musical tracks exclusively composed for the app. Very useful to teach the sense of time to small children and use on many tasks, like brushing their teeth, getting dressed, or anything else, really. Visit:  or go straight to the app on iTunes here:


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