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CREDIT UClass.ioA powerful K-12
content management system and resource exchange for schools and districts, is equipped with over 17 million Common Core-vetted resources and a mobile cloud workspace. A curriculum-planning tool for teachers and administrators in over 5,000 schools, the comprehensive platform allows teachers to source new and relevant material, construct complete lessons, and portably store files. The system’s search engine, specifically engineered for educator needs, allows users to narrow resulting resources specifically by filters such as grade level, subject, and file type. In addition to individual files and URL links, the repository also includes pre-packaged lessons containing lesson plans, formative and summative assessments, and multimedia links. The preview functionality allows teachers to inspect files before importing them into their file system or downloading them to their personal desktops. The key-word tag enabled file system makes sharing and planning curriculum as simple as drag and drop. On a higher level, the tool allows administrators to easily distribute files throughout their district. As part of the package, UClass works closely with each subscribed district to deliver a custom tailored system that accommodates every client’s own standards (Common Core or not) as well as any other specific needs. Check it out.


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