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CREDIT Listen Edition EdmodoEdmodo users now have an easy way to connect real world events to their classroom teaching with the FREE Listen Edition Current Events app.  This unique app brings the power of public radio to the classroom by giving teachers a free teachable public radio news story every day.  For example we recently featured the mudslide in Washington and the ongoing search for the missing airplane. The Current Events app can be used in any classroom including ELA, Social Studies and Science classrooms. The app includes discussion questions, theme based questions and a pre-made Socrative quiz based on the story. Using audio stories in the classroom strengthens student listening, a key 21st-century skill and a requirement in the Common Core State Standards. Research shows that better listening comprehension leads to better reading comprehension. And when instruction is relevant and authentic, students remember it better and are more engaged in learning. Listen Edition is hand-selecting the stories across the public radio spectrum to be immediately connected to the news of the day. The stories are less than five minutes in length and are high-quality productions, vocabulary rich, and bring authentic voices to the classroom. Check it out.


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