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A new online role-playing game that teachers and students play together in the classroom, Classcraft was created by high school physics teacher Shawn Young. Looking for a new way to engage and motivate his students, Shawn came up with the idea for a game in which students play in teams as mages, warriors, and healers, each with unique powers, and are incentivized through real world risks and rewards. After introducing the game in his classroom, he saw his students more engaged, and in some cases, watched as some who had been failing came back from the brink. Other teachers started to take notice too, prompting him to build out a game that is subject-agnostic, customizable and currently available in French and English to teachers around the world (German and Spanish translations are coming in the fall). To date, 177 teachers and 5,200 students from 28 countries are using it in the classroom. An iOS app is coming in September, with Android to follow.  To hear from Shawn and see how it works, check out this excellent descriptive video.


  • nestor kayenga


    teaching methodology is blocked by the lack of the visual aids for a lot of non native english teachers like congolese.what is your contribution to undergo this problem?

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