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CREDIT Edmodo snapshotA social learning network created by educators for educators, Edmodo’s new frequent, formative assessment tool, Snapshot, is designed to provide real-time insight into student proficiency in educational standards and help teachers immediately address any learning gaps. Built directly into the Edmodo platform, Snapshot is customized for both teachers and administrators with distinct functionality aimed at improving student learning outcomes. Accessible from the main Edmodo homepage, Snapshot for Teachers generates quizzes, based on a teacher’s classroom curriculum, using standards-aligned questions for grades 3-12 Math and ELA. Upon quiz completion, teachers have instant visibility into student and overall class progress with intuitive visuals, allowing them the opportunity to identify gaps in knowledge at the class, group and individual level. To remediate any learning gaps, the tool also features a content recommendation engine, which surfaces helpful resources teachers can easily assign students to personalize learning. Similarly, Snapshot for Schools is a premium version of the Snapshot suite aimed at school and district administrators. It extends the existing admin feature set of Edmodo and enables school and district professionals to gauge progress on educational standards in real time at the school and district level. To learn more, visit


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