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Elementary teachers are challenged throughout the school day to keep their students’ attention. GoNoodle’s free web-based resource is used by over 100,000 teachers in 35,000 schools to channel their classroom energy through movement. GoNoodle’s short, interactive physical activity breaks or “brain breaks,” are designed to improve student engagement, behavior, and performance. GoNoodle provides a variety of ways to get the wiggles out, including activities designed to energize students through vigorous movement and activities designed to calm students through deep breathing and mindfulness practice. GoNoodle also offers brain breaks that integrate physical activity with skills practice in core subjects like math and language arts. All GoNoodle activities can be played in 5 minutes or less, making it easy for teachers to integrate into natural transitions throughout the school day. Studies consistently demonstrate physical activity’s association with improved academic achievement, behaviors and cognitive skills (IOM). GoNoodle’s technology realizes these benefits in a way that is scalable, measurable and adaptable in the classroom. Since launching in August 2013, more than 2 million students have engaged in over 200 million minutes of incremental physical activity. Teachers can sign up for free at


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