Cool Tool | Net Power & Light’s Spin

CREDIT net power & light SPINOriginally developed to help musicians jam with other musicians in different locations in real-time, Spin, from Net Power & Light, has just become available for businesses and educational institutions in the Apple store. An industry-first application for mobile, multi-participant video collaboration, Spin enables up to ten people, groups or classrooms to participate in a video call while simultaneously viewing documents, photos, and videos– all without having to “pass control” to another participant. NPL also enables educational institutions to create a powerful student experience by embedding Spin, with its advanced videoconferencing and collaboration tools, into their suite of applications and learning services. In the new version of Spin, teachers and students can share documents and connect to Dropbox to view PDF files together in retina-quality HD. Each person can flip through pages, so everyone can participate in the action. New comment and markup tools enable groups to take notes and work together while viewing PDF files, photos, videos, presentations and more. With NPL’s low-latency technology, users with different devices and connectivity speeds are managed intelligently, giving the best possible performance to each device. This all translates to a mobile video collaboration experience with human fidelity – bringing people together with people to solve problems.


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