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CREDIT LearnBopThis fall, personalized learning solutions provider, Fuel Education (FuelEd), will make LearnBop, an automated math tutoring and assessment tool for students in grades 5–9, available through its Personalized Learning Platform, PEAK™. This partnership offers schools more robust options for personalizing learning during the crucial years when a student’s math performance has a significant impact on future academic success. LearnBop simulates a one-to-one tutoring experience by guiding students through problems step-by-step, learning fundamental math concepts at their own pace. Using adaptive learning technology, LearnBop provides students dynamic math problems to teach concepts critical to achieving Common Core State Standards and other rigorous state standards. As students complete problems, teachers use dashboards to analyze learning behavior by concept and by student and then address common learning gaps with the class, group students by need, or personalize playlists for individual students. LearnBop is used in 350 schools in 17 states, where students are seeing big gains. After one year, 96 percent of students who used LearnBop on a weekly basis at a Brooklyn middle school passed the state math exam – up from 25 percent in 2013. To learn about the school’s experience with LearnBop, view the video.


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